What’s your goal to positivity at the gym?


It has been too long since I have written a post. Truthfully, my life has faced some new stressors which has required focus and new decisions to be made. Most of my younger years, especially during the teenage years, I relied on crying to relieve my stress. I had the lie that I had to cry to release those hormones in order to balance myself. Fortunately, during these recent turn of events in my life, I have found a new coping skill….hitting the gym!

I was lucky to receive an employee discount through both my job and my husband’s job landing us with a $44/year gym membership! I am not bragging but I am encouraging you. Ask your employer about a gym discount and if they don’t provide one…beg for one! LOL Talk to the local gym about calling your employer to strike up the relationship. You can also ask your gym about discounts and scholarship programs.

I am not truly here to talk about my life or gym discounts, but rather to encourage you! I have categorized 5 different motivating mind sets that I rotate though when hitting the gym. When I just don’t want to go or I would rather just walk the treadmill rather than run, I clear my head and refocus with a positive mindset.

5 Positive Mindset Goals while at the Gym:

  1. Accept Accountability– We first have to get to the gym, right? Which means getting dressed and going. Find someone to go to the gym with or make friends while at the gym. If you go about the same time everyday, you are bound to see a routine of the same people. So, make friends and make it intentional to meet them at the gym.
  2. Full of Fun– What else is fun to you? The gym provides televisions if you like to watch. Walking and watching is better than sitting and watching, right!? If you like to listen to music, grab your phone or ipod and headphones to take with you. Do you like to read? If so, take your book. I have been surprised at how many calories people can burn while reading!!
  3. Tell the Truth– Be honest with yourself. You are not going to lose weight just by going to the gym once. So DO NOT allow losing weight to be your only goal. Yes, working out helps the process of losing weight. Be sure to seek immediate benefits that you can receive every time you go. Such as, how it makes you feel, being able to forget your stressors, and having a relaxing routine that provides consistency.
  4. Cannot Compare– If you find yourself wondering how fast the person beside you is running or how many calories they have burned…check yourself! I have been beside the speedsters and the slow pokes and peeking has never been positive for me. Focus on the fact that whatever workout you accomplish is better than no work out at all. Considering yourself and that you did a little bit better than the last time you worked out . You especially did better than those days you don’t work out at all!
  5. Get to that Goal– Most importantly consider, what is your goal? Make a reasonable achievable goal and then increase that goal as you progress. One of my goals is to keep the calories burned equivalent to my distance; for example, one mile equals 100 calories. As I am steadily hitting this goal, I will then change my goal to running a 12 minute mile, then a 11 minute mile and thus forth.

Challenge yourself. Coach Yourself. Change yourself!


<3- Beneficial Becca


Alternative Lemon Detox Water


So, you’ve seen it. The social media graphics encouraging and suggesting you drink lemon water every morning. And then there are those that suggest you even add cayenne pepper to your daily lemon water!! Like this graphic I made:


I know how it sounds but starting your day with warm lemon water helps aid in digestion and boost your metabolism for the day. The cayenne pepper is truly the extra kick to get your energy going. But I know what you are really thinking: Cayenne pepper in my water!? It is really not that bad but most people think “Ugh!”

So, as my father-in-law was visiting this past weekend he shared with me his fruit (and not so spicy) version of lemon water that he prefers in the mornings. I tried his concoction and it was rather tasty! So, now I wanted to share it with you!image


Alternative to Lemon Cayenne Water


  • 1/4 of a whole, fresh lemon (organic if possible)
  • 8-10 dried tart cherries
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 drop of peppermint essential oil
  • 5-8 drops of grapefruit essential oil
  1. 1. Start heating the water on the stove.
  2. 2. Squeeze the lemon slice then dump in the cup.
  3. 3. Add 8 to 10 dried cherries.
  4. 4. Pour the hot water over the fruits.
  5. 5. Drop in the peppermint and grapefruit essential oils.
  6. 6. Add in the honey and stir
  7. 7. Let these steep, love and mingle together.
  8. 8. Then take a spoon to stir and press the cherries against the cup to “juice” them.    Let cool enough to sip and enjoy!

***I really liked this “tea”. I made a double batch and did not finish it all this morning. So, at lunch I added ice and it was really refreshing. It was like a cherry lemonade!

***You can also add a tablespoon of coconut oil while it is still hot. Just know as the tea cools the coconut oil may solidify.

***You may also like to play around with the essential oils like using lime oil instead of grapefruit.

Let me know if you try and if what you think!


Beneficial Becca

Simple Chocolate Avocado Smoothie


Back in February of 2016, I shared with you all “10 Simple Ways to Eat an Avocado Everyday”. I intentionally did not include drinking avocados because I had not tried an avocado smoothie yet. WAIT…what? Drinking an avocado?? Yes! Avocados are great in smoothies!! I now know this as I sip on my freshly blended, creamy chocolate avocado smoothie!!



Before now, I had seen recipes of avocado smoothies but had yet to try one. I do not want to be responsible for suggesting a recipe that I have not tried. While making this smoothie I was still a little worried about the outcome. I am telling you that this is so good that I am having to write this post while sipping it. A good recipe is the best blogging motivation!


So, without further ado, here is the receipe below. I adapted it from Danielle Walker’s receipe that you can find by clicking here. And by adapted, I mean I just used what I had available. This smoothie is simple, easy, quick, and healthy. I want to say it’s a green smoothie since it has avocado in it…but the color is brown and I don’t want to confuse anyone!

Simple Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

1/2 avocado (peeled and seeded)

1/2 cup crushed ice

1 cup half and half (organic if possible)

1 frozen banana

2 tablespoons of cocoa

1 teaspoon of vanilla

Blend for 30 seconds until smooth

Serve, Share and Enjoy!


*To use the whole avocado and be able share the love with someone else, just double the rest of the ingredients and blend together.

**This smoothie reminded me of a meal replacement smoothie since it wasn’t really sweet. If you are looking for a sweeter smoothie try adding dates, honey or maple syrup as easy non-refined sweeteners.


Plus this recipe is very easy on the wallet. Feel free to add extras like flax and hemp seeds but you do not have to add anything else in order to enjoy it!!

If you try this recipe, let me know what you think. The blend of banana and avocado provide a truly creamy and healthy experience! Next step…chocolate avocado ice cream!


<3 Beneficial Becca




The Oxymoron of Organic Tobacco- A Farm Visit


The thought of blogging about tobacco never crossed my mind until I was blessed to be a part of Annie’s Project 2016! While in Georgetown, SC we visited a tobacco farm where they grew both conventional and organic tobacco. Everyone’s first thought was “Organic tobacco, why? How is there even such a thing?” This presented mindset represents just how little the consumer population may know about what “organic” really means”.20160505_171028.jpg


The farm grounds were sectioned off to include about 1/4 of their land promised to organic practices. This acreage was sectioned off with signs stating not to pollute the surrounding area, from the ground or the air.








It was very interesting to see how one farm could produce both conventional and organic versions of the same crop. I did not know this could be done until the visit. I always imagined organic crops coming from solely organic practiced farms.

I asked a lot of questions about the organic process and division of workspace. There was one greenhouse devoted to organic practices with sings posted on the door. The seeds sprouted in a Styrofoam tray that floated on water. The only other ingredient they were allowed to use in that green house was organic vinegar to help with the bugs.


(We were not allowed to enter the greenhouse, which made me happy…good for them!)

After the seeds grew to seedlings, they were planted in the roped off organic section of land to grow into tobacco stalks. There are three grades of tobacco: conventional, PCA and Organic; all of these bring better profits along the way. There is an organic fatty acid that is used on the stalks while growing that cost almost double the price of conventional fatty acid yet only contains one less ingredient. This fatty acid helps to reduce and waste the blooms that the crop would usually produce so that the farmers do not have to go through and pluck them off by hand.


Once the stalks matured they were harvested and dried. They then go through a conveyer belt for bundling to sale. This conveyer belt takes the whole farming crew 2 hours to clean in order to switch from conventional crops to organic crops. Once the farmer goes to market, his bales are then tested 3 times by chemical testing companies. BUT only every other bale is tested. At this point, the farmer receives only a deposit of his profits from the sale; he will not receive all the profits for his crops until they are all tested and pass USDA organic certified regulations. This could take up to several months of the farmer waiting for his profits.

This farm hired a chemical specialist to come to the farm quarterly to examine, observe, and test to ensure the farm is following organic practices. This is a costly investment to the farmers but helps ensures that when they go to market, their crops will pass inspection.


Although, I do not support smoking, dipping, or chewing tobacco, I did learn why many of our organic products are so much more expensive. Yes, these farmers get a premium price for high-quality organic crops at the market; but, they are also investing time and money to produce organically. The biggest risk is the insecurity of losing your entire sale because one stalk gets traced with chemicals. These large farmers were working even harder to produce an organic crop.


If you ever get a chance to visit an organic farm, no matter the crop, I highly suggest doing so. Visiting an organic farm will help your understanding of where that extra $.50 or $1.00 is going to when you purchase your organic produce. There is a lot of extra money, time, and pressure on big farmers to produce organically the correct way.

***Remember that organic does not always mean healthy. Organic tobacco is just like organic cane sugar ridden and organic junk food!

*** What are your thoughts on organic tobacco? Worth the cost?


Beneficial Becca

Simply Easy Cherry Pie! (GF, Vegan, & Low Sugar)


This simple and easy cherry pie takes only 5 items to throw together to make an enjoyable dessert! With strong intent, I say 5 products because there are more than 5 ingredients! I have to rant a little bit here!

When I see a graphic advertising a recipe that includes a roll of Pillsbury pie crust and a can of high fructose corn syrup drowned peaches, that should NOT be advertised as a “Two Ingredient” recipe. That is a two product or two item recipe!!  You know good and well that box and that can contain at least 20 “ingredients” combined. Most of those “ingredients” are just science chemicals anyway. For example, what even is ferrous sulfate, thiamin monoitrate and riboflavin that is found in the flour of this roll of Pillsbury pie crust?

And why the heck do we need to add Red 40 and Yellow 5 to a pie crust!!??

Seriously, come on people!!!

Now that I have my rant out, I would like to share with you a cleaner cherry pie that is gluten free, vegan and low sugar. I only used 5 items to put this yummy cherry pie together. It was quick and simple! I came up with it myself…so, I assure you it was easy!


Simply Easy Cherry Pie:

1.Jar of Cherries (I found a jar at ALDI that was just water, cherries and sugar. Trader Joes also has these.) $2.49-$3 at either store

2. Gluten Free Pie Crust (I used the Wholly Wholesome from Whole Food’s) $4 for two shells- only use one for this recipe

3. Can of Organic Coconut Milk (full fat and refrigerated over night) $2 at Whole Foods

4. 3 tablespoons of Organic Tapioca Starch  (1 full box cost $3 at local super market and has lasted forever)

5. 1 tablespoons of Sugar (coconut sugar preferred) One bag was $4 at my local super market)



Total Cost:$16 but I still have almost a whole box of Tapioca Starch, a pie crust in the freezer, and a whole bag of coconut sugar for other recipes


  1. Refrigerate the can of coconut milk over night
  2. Heat the frozen pie shell according to the label (prick it with a fork and bake at 400 for 10 minutes)
  3. Drain the cherries very well leaving no juice (this will eliminate a lot of the sugar content from the cherries; but, not all of it)
  4. Make your coconut milk whipped topping:20160417_164653
    1. -Open the can of coconut milk from the bottom. (After sitting in the refrigerator over night, the fat would have formed a solid on the bottom and any left over liquid will be on top. So opening from the bottom will give you first dibs at the cream.)
    2. -Scrape the solidified cream out into a mixing bowl while leaving the liquid. (Set the liquid aside to save for later. It goes great in coffee or smoothies.)
    3. -Add the 3 tablespoons of tapioca starch and the 1 tablespoon of sugar. (You do not have to add any sugar at all. I did just to tone down the coconut flavor.)
    4. -Mix until you start seeing peaks form! (I LOVE peaky whipped cream!)


5. Add the drain cherries to the baked pie crust

6. Layer the beaten coconut milk on top of the cherries!

7. Refrigerate 1-2 hours (waiting is the only hard part of this entire recipe!)


P.S. This pie was even better the next day. I highly recommended making it the day before you would like to serve it. Allowing it to sit and chill together for a day really set the coconut cream and tied in the flavors well.

This pie is airy, healthy and tasty! It was just sweet enough without being too sweet! If you are curious about the ingredients in the Wholly Wholesome gluten free pie shell I used, you can find them here. WARNING: NO ADDED FOOD COLORING! Imagine that!

Let me know if you try it and what you think. This was my first pie I made without following a blog I found on Pinterest! BTW, Simply Beneficial Life has a Pinterest page where you pin great recipes just like this one.

What are your thoughts on food dyes or chemicals being sold as “food ingredients”? I think you know where I stand! 😉


Beneficial Becca


Naked Spaghetti…it’s hot!


Last night we had spaghetti! It was easy to cook and oh so yummy! I have always refused to buy that jarred, sugar induced pasta sauce. Even some of the jar organic sauces include sugar. I have also refused to go through pureeing tomatoes or slow cooking tomatoes to make sauce. So, I have found the perfect balance for making homemade spaghetti without all the crappy ingredients and without all the prep time!

Naked Spaghetti


  •  1 pound Organic Ground Beef
  •  1 can Organic Crushed Tomatoes (drained)
  •  3 tablespoons Dried Oregano (fresh and chopped is best if available)
  •  1 Onion, diced
  •  1 Bulb of Garlic, roughly chopped
  •  1/2 Pack Gluten Free Rice Noodles or Organic Noodles
  •  Olive Oil
  •  Cayenne Pepper
  •  Salt and Pepper


1. Add water to your pot to boil for your noodles.

2. While waiting on the water to boil, start a skillet with a round about the pan of olive oil.

3. Get your pan hot and add in your ground beef.

4. Season your meat before it browns! (I swear this is the key to tasty!) Sprinkle your meat heavily with two of the tablespoons of oregano, two tablespoons of each cayenne, black pepper and salt.

5. Add noodles to the pot when your water hits a rolling boil.

6. Add in chopped onion to cook with the ground beef.

7. Cut your garlic cloves from the whole bulb with a knife or kitchen scissors roughly into small chunks. Let these simmer with the onions and incorporate into the ground beef. (Leave them chunky for extra flavor and texture!)

8. As your beef browns, drain the canned tomatoes as much as possible.

9. Add the drained tomatoes to the beef. Pop a lid on top, turn down the heat and let it all simmer together. (The smell, though…it’s amazing!)

10. Once your noodles are done, drain them while leaving just a touch of the starchy water with them. Pour these into your meat sauce to let them love on each other. Add the other table soon of oregano on top.


You can then taste and add S&P (cayenne or black) depending on your liking. I usually dish out my toddlers serving and then add more spice to ours.

This may be a little silly but I REALLY want you to SMELL THIS! Unfortunately, I cannot let you smell it but I can let you hear the sizzle!!! Honestly though, the organic beef makes a HUGE difference when cooking any meal with ground beef.

You can purchase all of these ingredients at ALDI. ALDI carries organic ground beef and organic canned crushed tomatoes. At ALDI you can also choose either gluten free rice noodles or organic noodles. I used their gluten free rice noodles. Your price breakdown for this meal that fed 4 (and a toddler) would be:

1 pound Organic Ground Beef $6.00
1 can Organic Crushed Tomatoes $1.79
1 Bottle Dried Oregano $1.19 (only used about 1/4 bottle)
1 Bag of Onions $1.29 (only used one onion)
1 Pack of Garlic .79 (only used 1 clove)
1 Pack Gluten Free Rice Noodle or Organic Noodles $1.49

Totaling: $12.55 for 4 adults plus a healthy eating 2 year old!
(If you don’t already have the olive oil, cayenne and S&P, add $4.25 to total $16.80)


Let me know if you try it!!


Beneficial Becca

Losing money by couponing? Here’s what to do about it!


When couponing the goal is to save money, right? Couponers strive to get nice items at a cheaper price. Couponing is hard work and can be time consuming; so, we want to achieve our money saving goals. But what about when you budget your money and realize you spent more couponing then before you couponed? What happened and how do you fix it?

Usually, without couponing, we make a list of what we need and go to the store to purchase the items on the list. We may pick up a couple extra items not on the list, but that’s okay now and then. We use what we have at home in junction with what we purchased to make a meal or to have everything we need to fully shower. There have been times when I couponed for groceries, get home very excited about my great deals, just to realize I still don’t have a full meal to cook for dinner. So, how do we fix the insufficient couponing?

6 Couponing Tips to Efficiently Save the Budget

1. Consider what you do need (and don’t need) before leaving to shop.
If you have everything at home to cook spaghetti besides garlic, then purchase garlic whether it is on sale or not. You don’t want to waste products you have at home just because you are too busy shopping for great deals on items you don’t even need at the moment. If you have 50 bottles of shampoo but 2 bottles of conditioner, then save that .75 that you could purchase shampoo with to instead purchase a bottle of conditioner during next week’s sale.

2. Savings for yourself or save for others?
You may find an item on sale, that you have a manufacture coupon for that will stack with a store coupon and then will stack with an Ibotta offer but if you don’t need that diabetic blood glucose machine, why take it off the shelf for someone else that may actually be able to use it? I often find myself leaving coupons for items I will not use on the shelf for others because there is nothing like finding other coupons that people left for you!

3. Stacking coupons or stacking waste?
Toothpaste may be available for .25 this week at the drugstore but you have like 100,000 tubes already at home…do you really need to waste those that quarter on one more tube at the moment?

If someone in your household is brand loyal to an item, like my husband will only use Old Spice deodorant, then I don’t purchase 10 bottles of a different brand unless I plan to donate it else where. I can instead save that money I would spend for the next Old Spice sale.

4. Even at that cheap price, would you purchase it if you did not have the coupons?
Often times I find myself stacking coupons and registering deals in my head. I may have a Target cartwheel offer, a manufacture coupon, a target coupon AND a target gift card deal and think, “I have to purchase this because this is a great deal that I do not want to miss”. Then I pull out my phone and calculate the deal to find that those baby food pouches are still .75 a piece. Do I buy them? No, because I can still purchase them cheaper else where or make my own out of real food at an even better price. Remember companies who offer the best deals are still trying to make a buck. Not every sale will actually be the cheapest deal.

If you get a coupon for going out to eat, consider will it still be within your budget to eat out? If a $5 off two dinner meals coupon would still mean spending $25 for dinner, consider if that is still within your dinner budget before going out. If it is not, then give the coupon to a friend instead. A lot of times, stores are using coupons to get you in the door and that is great if you were planning on going to eat out anyway.

5. What goes around, comes back around.
Stores rotate sales on the same items about every 2 to 3 months. I can guarantee you that at one of the drugstores there is going to be cheap toothpaste and deodorant every week. So, don’t rush out on family Sunday brunch to go couponing or freak out if you do miss the sale or the store is sold out. Those sales will rotate back around soon. If you are not brand loyal, the deals rotate even faster.

If I have a $5 off $15 purchase at CVS but I cannot think of anything I need at the moment at CVS, I can let that coupon expire knowing they will send me another one! I do not waste money though just because I have a coupon.

6. You do not have to participate in every deal!
If you follow a couponing blog, like krazycouponlady.com, then that is great! They post different deals every day and even give have a “stockpile” price for different items. Remember though, you do not have to purchase EVERY deal! Consider if you will need the item or can use the product over the next 3 to 6 months before spending your money. You don’t need 20 crock pots even if they are $2 at Kohl’s; nor does everyone want to get a crock pot from you every year for Christmas! LOL

I love couponing and I love saving money! I like to have my work pay off by getting great items at excellent prices. Even more though I LOVE when I can efficiently use the items that I purchased.

With a love for being frugal,

<3 Beneficial Becca

10 Lies We Tell Ourselves about Sugar and the Truth Behind Them

If you are anything like me, or apart of the world population that on average eats more than 120 grams of sugar a day, then you are probably struggling with eating sugar. Anyone with any sense of a health concessions doesn’t want to eat an abundance of sugar. So, why do we continue to consume sugar? I do blame the “Big Food” companies for making us think their sugar laced products are healthy; but, at some point we have to take a stand against and stop playing the victim card. I believe we have lies about food that cause us to eat things we don’t really want to eat, especially highly addictive sugar.

sugar lies

  1. “I am going to DIE if I don’t eat sugar RIGHT NOW!”

I feel this way about 3 pm every day. If I do skip sugar all day, then I feel this intently around 8 pm. When I get to the point that I am craving sugar so bad I feel like I am going to die if I do not get something sweet, my husband usually steps in to hold me accountable. I then just feel like I could strangle him but then I realize I am overreacting. Going through sugar withdrawals is legit but guess what, I have never died from not eating sugar.

  1. “If nobody sees me eat this, then it doesn’t count, right?”

You have to be your best source of accountability because only you are with you 100% of the time. You have to want to be healthy for yourself, not for anybody else. Your body will reap the benefits or the consequences of everything you eat.

  1. “I can start my day off with sugared down coffee and doughnuts to get my sugar fix; then, I won’t crave any sugar the rest of the day.”

Truth is, with enough will power, you could have a sugar loaded breakfast then skip sweets the rest of the day, but that is only going to make those afternoon and evening cravings stronger. Starting your day off with sugar only starts the negative rollercoaster of your blood insulin levels throughout the day. Start the day off right to avoid the fight!

  1. “I will only eat sweets during special occasions.”

Until you are truly dedicated to a healthy lifestyle with balance, you will turn every opportunity into a special occasion just to have an excuse to eat that slice of cake (it’s somebody’s birthday today…right?) Truth is that special occasions can still be special without loads of sugary sweets.

  1. “Well, I didn’t want it to go to waste.”

I have gone as far as eating a cupcake just so my 2 year old daughter will not ask to eat it because I only want what is best for her. HELLO! What am I doing to myself? I do not have to harm my body in order to raise my child with a healthy lifestyle. If I do not want her eating it, then why am I eating it? Truth is if it is trash, then it is trash!


  1. “I am stressed and sweets help me feel better.”

Sure, sugar has been proven to release endorphins in the brain. The release of Beta-endorphins happens when a person over-eats sugar and feels that “sugar high”. Like with any other drug, the sugar high only last for so long until you crash and it leaves you craving more.

  1. “I already ate badly today so I might as well keep eating badly. I can start fresh tomorrow.”

Every time you are hungry, you have an opportunity to eat something healthy. No matter what you ate before, every meal is a chance to restart onto the right track.

  1. “I will never be skinny or thin.”

Losing weight should not be the intentions for avoiding sugar. Being healthy and doing the best you can for your body should be the reasoning for eating healthy. Losing weight is a side effect of choosing a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.

  1. “I can just work it off with exercise.”

Do you realize how much work it takes to burn off 100 calories? It takes me a 12 minute mile to burn off 100 calories at the speed I currently run. That is a lot of work in 12 minutes to burn off what took me 12 seconds to cram down my throat. Don’t sabotage your body by putting it through all the stress of eating crap just to burn it off.

  1. “I am healthier then she is.”

Truth is…you are you! People in magazines, on television, and the internet can be photo shopped. We who are walking around and are not photo shopped are still beautiful too. So, stop comparing yourself. You never know the situation of someone else. I know skinny people who feel like crap because they don’t have the energy to walk ½ mile. Eat good to feel good for you!

You can be the best you that you can be!



Beneficial Becca




Peek Inside Our Hive!

Hi everyone!




I just wanted to share a quick beekeeping video with you. A lot of people are too weary of getting close to the bees. This saddens me; so, I decided to bring the inside of the hive to you.

As the video mentions, we do offer beekeeping internship programs. I also offer a hands-on, educational bee experience here at Simple Times Farm. This is a one-on-one interaction with you and your family. Bee suits and gear are provided to wear during the experience. You can find more information on the Simple Times Farm Website or Facebook page.

The foodie in me is so excited about harvesting our very own honey this season!!! SWEET!

Here is some information about the decline of our honey bees, how it affects everyone and what we can all do about it! Yes, you can help save the honeybees without ever getting near one!!


Beneficial Becca




10 Non-food Reasons to Love Trader Joe’s


1. Warm Welcome20160323_100221.jpg

I am not referring to the loud shout outs you receive when entering some places…you know the ones I am referring to; the ones that make you feel a little awkward. At Trader Joe’s, you enter into artsy, atmosphere with the smell of fresh flowers that you will not receive from any other grocery store.



2. Water Conservation 20160323_100033.jpg

My bathroom visit was what actually inspired this post! I mean come-on, how cool is it that Trader Joe’s offers a water-saving flushing option. The handle is even coated to help protect against the spread of germs (I still used my foot…but I am sure it helps protect against those germs as well)!



3. Fresh Flowers

Imagine walking into a grocery store smelling flowers. You consider purchasing flowers, cause you are worth it, right? imageThen you think, no they would mean more coming from somebody else. Then you wonder if you should buy someone else flowers. Then you remember you are operating on a grocery budget. So you move on to the produce, leaving the flowers for someone else.

But then, half way through your shopping, you have to pee. So, you enter the restroom to a beautiful arrangement of flowers! I loved it! This was my first time visiting the potty at Trader Joe’s and I have to say I did reconsider purchasing flowers. I didn’t but I see what you did there Trader Joe’s…good one!


4. Balance

I always describe Trader Joe’s as the big city Aldi of the health food world. Aldi is stepping up it’s game on offering clean, organic options which I love because they are located in rural areas. Trader Joe’s offers the same balance between health and cost but with a larger variety of healthy options.

5. Small=Less Choices

Grocery shopping shouldn’t lead to depression. Seriously, psychological research has shown that people who limit their options when eating out, like always ordering the same meal, and shopping by just grabbing the same brands instead of considering all the options, relayed being more happy. Trader Joe’s has 1 short isle for personal hygiene products, paper products, household cleaning items and pet supplies.Yet, they have all the staples you would need.

Who really has time to consider all the varying degrees of buying shampoo? Trader Joe’s has 3 to 4 versions all at a low price. Grab one of those and go!

6. Care for Yourselfimage I have a big heart for simple, all natural personal hygiene products. I even love when you can purchase them at the same place you are purchasing your groceries. This section may be the factor for why I would visit Trader Joe’s and not shop solely at Aldi.


7. Cleaning the homesteadimage

It only makes sense to use “clean” cleaning products…right? Trader Joe’s has a section of all natural household cleaning supplies and all at reasonable prices.



8. Leftovers are left where?20160323_100236.jpg

Do you ever find yourself lost in a sea of products when shopping and wonder…what do they do with all the stuff that doesn’t sell? I do, and it bothers me to think that stuff, especially food, just gets wasted. When I read the sign in Trader Joe’s explaining what they do with their about to expire products…my heart skipped a beat. I was so excited to see that Trader Joe’s not only donates about to expire food to a local, non-profit organization but they also donate older flowers to a local hospice. I mean really…Trader Joe’s has stepped up to the plate!




9. Recycled items20160323_100854.jpg

I purchased 3 rolls of recycled paper towels at only $3.99 and cannot wait to need a new toothbrush to support Trader Joe’s sales of Preserve recycled tooth brushes.


10. Fun decor

The pictures say it all but I tell you, visiting Trader’s Joe’s is like visiting a fun filled theme park without any of the sky-high prices.


So, if you yet to visit Trader Joe’s, please do so! Even if you don’t have one near you, if ever you are in an area with one, even if you are on vacation, check it out. I drive about 45 minutes to the Greenville, SC location about every other month and fall more in LOVE every time I visit!

Let me know your thoughts of Trader Joe’s. What do you like? I hope this post has helped encourage you to visit Trader Joe’s because now you know the trip will be worth your time!


Beneficial Becca

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